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Understand the market & maximize your return.

We analyse thousands of listings every day using advanced algorithms to help you price your property for maximum investment.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell you can use our dashboard to find how much your property is worth.

Data Experts

We carry out the most comprehensive analysis of the local market with over 300k residential & commercial listings updated on a daily basis.

Historical Data

Understand where the market is going. We analyse over 5 years of data to give you the right context to catch any opportunity that comes next.

Ease of Use

Easy to use. You don't need hours to understand what's going on, our dashboard can help you get a clear picture of the market in minutes.

Powerful property analytics.

Filter & drill down to understand how properties like yours gained value over time, what current market prices look like and what the optimal asking price should be to maximise your return on investment.

Search and filtering.

Filter properties by different characteristics to give you accurate comparisons and realistic valuations. Drill down by locality, property type, bedrooms, area, price and more to better match your target criteria.

Market analysis.

Analyse price distributions for any type of property to understand what prices are likely to sell quicker and which valuations are realistic. See market supply & demand at price point for an in-depth view of the market.

Understand price trends.

For the first time you can follow historic price trends over several years to predict where the market could be going and spot the next big opportunity before it happens.

We have lots of experience
analysing the property market.

We help businesses and individuals make informed decisions in the local property space.

Data driven since the beginning

We've been collecting and analysing real estate data since 2017, applying our proprietary marchine learning techniques to further improve the data.

Deep understanding of the local market

We've worked on multiple commissioned and publically released reports and are trusted by some of Malta's most prominent firms & institutions.


Stay focused on your business.
Data at a touch of a button.

Stop endless visits to agency websites to compare a small sample of properties and try to equate differing metrics. Let us do that for you.

Years of data



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Flexible, simple pricing for all.

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How often is data updated?

We record various property characteristics and track individual property asking prices on a daily basis. The dashboard is updated on a monthly basis.


Do I get free updates?

Yes. We update all of our data every month, plus are constantly adding new features, filters and improving our valuation methods.


Are these contractual or asking prices?

The dashboard is composed of online residential and commercial property listings.


How do I read the provided valuations?

Valuations are given in median values. As property is always valued with a number of varying factors, we give both a lower percentile and an upper percentile for any given property group.

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